FireFan Sports App

FireFan: Be the Fan on Fire!

The highly anticipated game, FireFan, is now anticipated for a launch date of November 21. If you’d like to get in before, then please follow through with the registration after submitting the code gduckor.

To ease server load, they will be pushing the game out in phases prior to November 21, as long as all goes well, to give folks a chance to try the game, with free tokens, to learn how to play and help work out any addition bugs if needed, because of all the various iOS and Android devices out there.

FireFan is NOT about gambling, but about having FUN with friends, family, foes and even the possibility of playing with/against professional and collegiate athletes.

NO credit / debit card required upon registration. Only requirements are your first / last name, valid email address (verified by double entry and will be your login ID), password of choice, and the country you are registering in. Optional is a valid US mobile phone number for receiving text notifications as needed (email is default).

Pre-Registered Benefits/Bonus Tokens:
Every pre-registered player will be receiving 12 BONUS tokens which unlocks a FREE LIVE game! This is a temporary promotion that will be running for an unspecified length of time post launch. This means, every player who has already pre-registered for the game, who will pre-register for the game, and every player who downloads FireFan with a code during the promotional period, will receive 12 bonus tokens. These bonus tokens will drive game play and will teach our players how to use and play with tokens in the game.

-Brian GizmoDuck 10/29/16 0104 PT