FireFan: Be first to get the app

FireFan, an upcoming (~November 21) interactive sports game you get to play with friends, family and even foes from around the world, all while watching the same sports event ‘live’!

To ease server load, they will be pushing the game out in phases prior to November 21, as long as all goes well, to give folks a chance to try the game, with free tokens, to learn how to play and help work out any addition bugs if needed, because of all the various iOS and Android devices out there.

If interested in signing up to become a player, please fill out the form.

PAC-12 Links

With all the R&D that was needed, decided to go ahead and restrict the m3u8 links to members only. 10.21.16 0641 PT

R&D Has been completed. 10.20.16 0114

Made adjustments where I can at this time for all 7 feeds. 10.19.16 2334 PT

If you have requested to be friends on my PlexTV server, you can watch successfully there now. However, some more R&D is still needed to get the videos working again, directly in the browsers. — 10.18.16 2300

Okay, last night the feeds basically took a dump. Well, having done some R&D, I found the streams are working on their website, and in their mobile app. In the meantime, if you’d like to borrow my Dish ID/PW, then please join as a member. I suspect this was something that was overdue on their end as technology has improved. — 10.18.16 2314

Brian GizmoDuckOR


Okay, so a number of you probably realized you lost access to the site tonight, after 9:05p PT. Well, I was doing some digital house cleaning after getting access back to “behind the scenes”. In that process, turns out I didn’t realize until about 2300 PT, what had happened, I deleted the wrong WordPress account. Thankfully, due to an automatic update of WordPress, the settings were saved, though only to 9.25.16.

So anyone that has registered since, may need to register again. If you donated, or paid up as a member, let me know and I will compare you to my PayPal history and adjust your account accordingly.

As for automatic backups, that feature is now setup behind the scenes for ‘daily’ at a 4 day rotation, so if something happens again, this site will be only 1 day off, versus 10, as it happened here. Big lesson learned now that I have an active user base.

Brian GizmoDuck 10.6.16 2329 PT

Members Area

Some of the pages are now hybrid… i.e. everyone (unrestricted) and logged in (restricted: “You do not have permission to view this content”) to make the site more manageable.

You can now understand what the page is about, while keeping the rest under lock and key until you choose to register for membership.

Brian GizmoDuck 10.6.16 2122 PT

Business Class Router

Okay, after yesterday’s (9/17) Live Feed delays, I finally figured out it’s time to upgrade from the Linksys E2500 ‘home’ WiFi router, to a a business class WiFi router, as the Linksys is wearing out. I should have known better, sooner, as I’ve been losing distance from it, and having lost connections more often in the past few weeks, but it just took until I FINALLY reset it again last night, to confirm that. The streams worked better for a little bit, but then hiccuped again; this even with one of the computers about 25′ away vs 80′ away from the router over WiFi.

The sooner the better, but regardless, when the cards fall into place, is when that will happen.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I do want to try and provide the best service I can, staying interactive when I can.

Thank you for your understanding. And I hope you all continue to enjoy the access on this site, and share it as needed amongst Facebook, Twitter, school hosted boards / forums, etc so that it can be enjoyed by others.

-Brian GizmoDuck

IPTV Server

**Thanks to a new member, Chris Wong, the Plex server is now paid up for the ‘Lifetime’ license.**

As of tonight (9/6/16), I have started with the feeds, as well as the feeds for the University of Arizona.

IF you are a member of this site, paid or trial, I don’t need to email you the details for using

If you’re not already a member of this site, but would still like to help test it out, then please contact me  with your user name or email address you signed up with, and I will invite you in as a ‘friend’.

-Brian GizmoDuck 9/10/16 1350 PT

2016 Rio Olympics

Update 1327 PDT: Come to find out, verification of a TV provider, NOT in suspension helps. As my account is currently in that state, it won’t work for the official NBC Olympics website for viewing until August 10.


Though no direct viewing on the page, you can watch what programming is made available of the Rio Olympics by a linked playlist file.

You can also watch ‘live’ what’s made available on the official NBC Olympics website.

Google Search

-Brian GizmoDuck 8/6/16 1140 PDT